Wine Cellar

Memorial Area, Houston, Texas
Client: Wine Collector

The design task was to create an esthetically pleasing, environmentally controlled space for a 3,500 bottle collection of fine wines. The 500 square feet addition was to an existing home in Memorial neighborhood. The wine collection is stored in wrap-around redwood racks which provide space for formal dinner parties for a maximum of 14 people.

Each bottle is suspended in an individual slot so that air circulates around the bottle and the label is protected. Larger bottles are housed in single racks at the ends of the room.

The primary challenge in the design was to create a totally sealed space with an R factor of more than 20. The precise conditions required for the wine dictated a year round wine room temperature of 58 degrees F and a constant relative humidity of 68 percent, this is a region of the country where outside temperatures of 100 degrees F and 90 percent humidity are not unusual during the summer months.

Visual and sound alarms were necessary to monitor any adverse fluctuations in the interior conditions of the wine room.