Samir’s Circle

Cairo, Egypt
Client: Private Residence

This house is located in the semi-arid Egyptian desert was designed around the metaphor of an oasis. The client had a collection of exotic animals that he wanted to keep in an open preserve. In order to keep the exotic animals safe from predators, SIR proposed creating a vast lagoon with three islands. The lagoon would serve as a moat for protecting the islands.

The main house is located on the largest island and features a five story tower for viewing the animals. A second island contains a house for guests. The third and smallest island is a natural garden. Water for the lake comes from an underground spring near the property and is transported to the lake by a small aqueduct and ceremoniously issues into a fountain. A double row of trees on the lagoon perimeter reinforces the sanctity of the complex and provides a shaded promenade. A person travelling along the circular promenade will have an ever changing juxtaposition views of the three islands as well as all the architectural elements in the complex.