Navy Hotel and Apartment Complex

Alexandria, Egypt
Client: Egyptian Government Department of the Army

A promontory site overlooking the Mediterranean Sea provided a dramatic site for this hotel and apartment complex on the boardwalk of Alexandria, Egypt. The proposed design contains 290 hotel rooms and suites and 132 apartments together with a full range of support facilities organized in a linear configuration which hugs the coastline. From the south or city side the building appears as a formal extension of the city while on the North Sea side its Mediterranean blue face is articulated by balconies and punctuated by cascading pavilions which provide a more informal scale and setting for verandas, pools, and other seaside recreational facilities. The 16 story apartment wing to the west and the 13 story hotel to the east both step up toward the center culminating in a pair of town-like
penthouse elements which flank the grand entry slot and emphasize its location. Entry into each wing is through a high atrium lobby that links up with a promenade containing shops, restaurants, and other commercial facilities.