Market Square Development

Development Proposal A public / private development initiative for the City of Houston / Hines Emtrists

Market Square, a city park on the northern side of downtown Houston, was once the site of the city’s central market; a spot of symbolic and historic importance. Now much of the surrounding area is made up of deteriorated buildings and vacant lots. SIR proposes a redevelopment of the market square area through a unique collaboration between the city and private landowners. A multilevel underground parking garage is to be located under the city owned Market Square Park on top of the parking garage on the east and west sides of the square. At ground level, a pedestrian plaza is created that will serve an open air weekend market. The study included an inventory of the existing older buildings on the surrounding blocks to the restored new mixed use complex of forty stories, mixed use buildings fronting on the square. At the basement are two levels of parking connecting to the parking under Market Square, accommodating 700 cars, above ground are three floors of retain space, six floors of commercial office rental and two residential towers.