Jones Plaza

Houston, Texas
Client: Houston First

The current incarnation of Jones Plaza has long been the subject of public criticism from its unappealing esthetics to its impractical design and has been the butt of civic jokes regarding the overall appearance of the plaza. SIR Inc., has developed a user-friendly/esthetically pleasing facelift for the plaza that will improve utilization numbers at a reasonable cost. Goals and objectives:
1) Through small adjustments in pedestrian traffic flow and design create a user-friendly space that works as a dynamic public plaza for all citizens.
2) Instigate esthetic changes that make the plaza visually appealing and therefore more popular with the downtown populace.
3) Create an incremental plan that is budget-friendly for these changes.
4) Create a design that is low maintenance.
5) Replace the existing eatery with a Starbucks to generate traffic to the plaza.
6) Entertainment: food, beverages trucks and projection screen will increase plaza utilization.
Our primary suggestion is to create an economical and maintenance free solution to soften the cement-city image of the plaza through the use of faux grass and faux fig ivy. We would suggest covering the exterior cement walls in artificial ivy (much less costly than heavy-maintenance living ivy) that today is difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Replace the useless acrylic shading devices with colorful fabric umbrellas and benches, possible Starbucks facility, to further make the park more user friendly.