Island Cottages

Galveston, Texas
Client: Galveston Housing Authority

The Island Cottages project is part of a larger effort to fulfill a decree mandated by Federal Court to provide affordable housing to low-income families in the City of Galveston. The project involved the selection of vacant lots scattered throughout the City of Galveston, including the Historical District, and the design and construction of 48 affordable housing units on these scattered sites. The sites were intentionally selected in non-ethnically concentrated areas to avoid the conglomeration of low cost housing in the lower income neighborhoods of the city. To soften the impact of this novel approach of placing low income housing in higher income neighborhoods- both of the existing residents and the potential future beneficiaries of subsidized houses the designation “Scattered Sites” that was initially part of the name of the project was replaced with “Island Cottages”. The sizes grouping and design of the affordable housing units were conceived in a unique way in each of the scattered sites in order to blend with existing housing in the neighborhood. The architectural design of the units recalls the rich vernacular heritage of Galveston.