Houston Civic Center

Redevelopment Plan Houston, Texas
Client: City of Houston, Kathryn J. Whitmire, Mayor

This project studied potential redevelopment option for Albert Thomas Convention Center, a large 1960’s building in downtown Houston. SIR’s recommendations served at the basis for an RFP that led to the creations of Bayou Park, a new multi use festival market.
This study commissioned by Mayor Kathryn J. Whitmire was to explore the potential development of a civic center for The City of Houston.
The proposed plan had four improvements which would lead to the creation of desired HCC.
1) The remodeling of Albert Thomas Convention Center. (The proposal was used by the city to create RFP which resulted in the creation of The Bayou Park) Project accomplished.
2) The redevelopment of The Music Hall and to connect the enhanced Buffalo Bayou in That Black (did not take place)
3) The consolidation of the City Hall functions in one complex.