Henke Building

Houston, Texas
Client: Private Client

Built in the 1920’s with an addition in the 1930’s the Henke Building was adapted by SIR Inc. for modern-day street level retail and upper level commercial office space. SIR created a new core for elevators and restrooms and designed a central atrium, wrapped in glass bricks, with skylight allowing natural light to flow through all floors of the building. A floating bridge connects the building core to office space.

With renovation and updating, SIR Inc. replaced aging windows with new double-glazed tinted windows. Also in keeping with energy conservation needs, the walls were totally stripped and insulated with a high R value.

The ground floor was designed to accommodate two restaurants and a computer store. The basement housed refrigerators and freezers and storage for the restaurants and retail space above. Canvas canopies were added to protect and shade the outside sidewalks and to enable outdoor dining.