Hadley Ave, Third Ward, Houston, Texas Two Alternatives for development
Client: Builder / Developer

SIR, Inc. was retained to investigate the potential for the development of the one acre site for tax credit senior housing. We prepared two alternatives for the development of the site

Alternative A
79 Apartment Units

The apartments are accommodated in an “L” shaped four storey wood frame structure. Common facilities and rental office are located in the structure; including a sky lounge on the forth floor. The “L” shaped building frames an open area with a gazebo and other open air amenities. Required parking is provided on grade.

Alternative B
94 Apartment Units
This alternative accommodates a larger number of apartments in an “L” shaped four storey wood frame structure on a concrete podium. Parking is provided under the podium thus allowing a larger foot print for the building, and more open space for outdoor amenities. The design also provides a more generous complement of common areas on three floors of the building, including a multi purpose lounge/ballroom.