Fairview Complex

2402 Commonwealth, Houston, Texas
Client: Commonwealth Joint Venture

This development of a corner site in the Montrose section of Houston integrates three new townhouses with an older building which was remodeled to serve as a professional office. The three townhouses are each three stories in height and share a common court space with a swimming pool. Each of the houses contains 2,330 square feet of living space and a garage. The two story older building was completely renovated to provide 3,200 square feet of office space on two levels. A small court adjacent to the office building provides secure off-street parking with convenient access to the building entrance. The new townhouses are integrated with the older building by establishing a complementary scale and character for the new construction. In addition, a wooden trellis grid work faces both the old and new buildings which will support a homogeneous growth of vines, which also provide shade. This project maximizes the economic potential of the small site while maintaining a harmonious relationship to the other buildings in this residential neighborhood.