El Shams City

Assuit - Egypt
Client: El Shams Company for Housing and Development / Egyptian Ministry of Planning

El Shams City, a new community of 100,000 population is part of a general effort by the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt to improve the habitability of the Assiut Region. The new city is envisioned as an early step in the development of an urban corridor extending along the western desert of the Nile valley. SIR Inc. undertook the master planning of El Shams City which included principal responsibility for the site analysis, economic planning, demographic studies, social and ecological planning and the complete development of the land use and agricultural plans, facility and housing program, infrastructure plan and a comprehensive urban design plan. SIR Inc. also developed schematic architectural designs for housing and major buildings. The City is organized along two developmental axes, a major North/South central spine and a major East/West axis which crosses in the southeast quadrant. The master plan consists of sixteen neighborhoods, four district each with a corresponding package of amenities. The North/South center spine predominates as the primary axis of orientation and location for city activities and is to be a ceremonial boulevard with a wide tree lined esplanade. An industrial access road on the edge of the neighborhoods to the east serves the industrial park area and forms the eastern boundary of the site. To the west of the central spine, a curved road winds across the site from north to south forming a contrasting edge between the urban neighborhoods to the east and the agricultural land. Open space system is organized in a diagonal North East of South West direction to allow the cool breeze to penetrate the city urban areas.