Cirace Residence

McLean, Virginia
Client: Private Residence

Situated on a steep, heavily wooden site in McLean, Virginia, this house is raised on stilts to minimize grade disturbance and erosion. Designed for a bachelor, the house is tucked within the trees, creating a rich interplay between outside, defined by the foliage, and the interior, defined by the glass walls and sky lights.

In order to meet the criteria of removing as few trees as possible from the site, the house was designed within several open spaces. One part of the house, containing the living areas, study and guestroom, was located in the larger clearing close to the road. A gallery, spanning between two large trees, leads from these public spaces to the master bedroom, located in a small clearing deeper into the property. A terrace forms another link between the two sectors of the house. A carport and bridge connect the house to grade level.