Alexandria Hotel

Alexandria, Egypt
Client: Egyptian Government Department of the Army

Land once used for navel fortifications provided a challenging site for this hotel design in Alexandria, Egypt. Predominantly located along the bay-front, the site is separated from the Mediterranean to the north by a large boulevard. A tapering retaining wall fronts the boulevard. In order to take advantage of the sloping site, retail shops and public facilities have been located on the lower floors, with the main hotel entrance from the south on the third floor. This configuration provides ocean views for the public areas without interruption by service. The land terraces up to provide more private areas for the pool, bar and tennis courts. The hotel tower above is formed along a double loaded corridor, turned to provide ocean views for all rooms. The tower splits in plan on the entrance side to create a multi-story lobby interior. Individual room balconies provide shading on the east and west. To the north a cascading fountain and stair tower symbolically connect with the sea.