ADM Building and Garage

1911 AND 1910 1/2 Bagby St. Houston, Texas
Client: Private Client

The project is located in the recently flourishing “Midtown” area on the Western edge of the Central Business Center of Houston. It is being developed as a mix use project.

The project comprises two components:

1. A 10,000 square feet addition and 30,000 square feet alterations to the 1950’s building, originally designed for the Boy Scouts’ Headquarters in Houston. A third floor, a new lobby with elevator and stairs, and exit stairs were added to the two story to free the interior of the building. The replacement of deteriorating exterior, new double glazed curtain walls to improved the R value and very effort was made to maintain and enhance the original character of the historic building.

2. A new seven story 517 spaces parking garage across the street from the ADM Building was designed to serve its parking needs as well as those of the neighborhood. The first level of the garage building was reserved for commercial use, now houses a restaurant.

Both buildings were designed in a similar vocabulary to encourage perception as one project; it is being referred to as the Scouts Center.